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A swivel chair with three-dimensional movement – universal and multifunctional.

Simplex 3D is a universal, multifunctional swivel chair combining simple and intuitive operation with three-dimensional movement. Similar to a sitting ball, the user is constantly moving and adopting different positions. With its ease of use, Simplex 3D is intended mainly for temporary use – in today’s increasingly mobile and dynamic working environment. Simplex 3D also brings a more homely touch to the workplace.

Simplex 3D high Stool
Mechanism that moves through 360° for dynamic sitting in three dimensions

Designed by Greutmann-Bolzern
Carmen and Urs Greutmann-Bolzern established the greutmann bolzern designstudio in Zurich in 1984. Today, it is one of Switzerland's most renowned studios.
The duo go way back, to their time studying together at the Academy of Art and Design in Zurich. Carmen Greutmann-Bolzern graduated as an interior designer and Urs Greutmann as an industrial designer. The office setting forms the focal point of the design studio, which the pair founded immediately after graduating. Since 2003, they have jointly held the Chair in Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
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