atwork is an integrated, innovative, and smart solution that creates a dynamic activity based environment.
We are a solution provider that facilitates the transformation with the products of officeart for working place with integrated system furniture,
@twork in digital products such as Information Communication Technology Products, LCD / LED Displays and Multimedia Products.
In addition, we also provides work-life improvement products such as Monitor Arms & Mobility Displays, and Electrical Hub Modules.
The world of office design has shifter from a traditional focus on functionality and maximising headcounts to becoming an increasingly Staff-Centric exercise - Activity based Working.

New innovative products continue to penetrate the workplace including collaboration activity based and furniture with technology embedded. This trend is also set to continue as the multi-generational workplace to be used as a tool to reflect the company image and to attract the very best talent. With more than 21 years in marketing of integrated system furniture with product categories for commercial, hospitality, and public sectors.

We believe that office or workplace is a place where people come together, sharing ideas and collaborate to make great outputs for companies. Our goal is to create an environment that was alive, that facilitate interaction and do not distinguish between work and life.

The company is exclusively authorized to market International brands, designer’s items furniture, and do local production to provide varieties and suit with customer needs and wants. So it makes our products can adapt with customer inspiration, affordable, and more flexible in time delivery.
An innovative and a smart solution digital-based product company to support businesses

By providing the best quality of LCD-LED displays, multimedia products, Information Communication Technology products, related supporting products
Our goal is to provide you various work and life products with quality related sustainable improvement with affordable and competitive prices while providing a quality, personable and boosting your productivity in daily activities.

Whether you’re looking for work or life supporting products that improve efficiency, foster creativity or simply make a statement, atwork has the perfect solution for you.
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